Anonymous Coffee Blessing

I am sure some of you may have read last week’s love action and thought ‘Baking? Handcrafted Valentines? Ain’t nobody got time for that!’ And fair enough. We all have those weeks where things suddenly get so busy we feel like we don’t even have time to do our own basic stuff! So, for this week, I wanted to share an incredibly fast and straight forward way to bless someone with a random act of kindness.

Yesterday, after doing some grocery shopping, I walked up to the Starbucks that is right inside of my local supermarket, and asked the barista if she wouldn’t mind fulfilling an odd request for me. I gave her a little bit of money and asked if she could use it to cover the next guest’s drink and that any leftovers could go into the tip jar. It was super quick, inexpensive, and easy; took me about 2 minutes.

What is cool about this little love action is that:
a) You get to involve someone else in a random act of kindness – i.e. the barista.
b) It is totally anonymous. The person you are blessing doesn’t assume you are looking for praise or something in return.

The barista I spoke to told me that there is someone else around my neighborhood who often ‘pays a strangers coffee forward’ which I was super excited to hear! Also, the anonymous part didn’t completely work for me because I noticed the girl who went up to the counter as I left, and I think the barista pointed out who I was. As I was pulling out from the car-park the girl walked right in front of my car and we had a second of eye contact where she gave me a knowing sort of smile. Which was actually a pretty cool moment. I don’t know that girl’s story, but I know God does, and I am sure He used that experience to bless her in the exact way she needed!

So, no excuses, why not try this simple love action the next time you are getting groceries or grabbing a coffee yourself? And don’t forget to post any stories you have about random acts of kindness on the FCM Facebook page:

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a super amazing blessed week yourself!


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