Love Thy Neighbor

The love action or random act of kindness I performed this week blossomed from a conversation I had with my Dad awhile back. We were joking about how when you are a kid and you hear the commandment, “love your neighbor as yourself,” it is like ok, cool, I just have to love those people next door to me. Obviously, that is not what the verse is implying. But it got me thinking, do I ever really put much effort into loving those who are living right beside me? The normal interactions I have with them consist of these few conversations: “Hello!” or “Great weather today!” or “Horrible weather today!!!” or “Would you please mind feeding my pet while I am away?”

So, I decided to do something encouraging for my literal neighbors. I ended up printing off some positive little sayings, cutting and pasting them onto pretty construction paper, and slipping them into various mail boxes around my cul-de-sac. The way I figure it, who doesn’t appreciate mail that is actually exciting? I know I always get excited when someone tells me I have mail, but it normally is just junk or bills. Something different always manages to brighten my day! Also, since I am a total introvert by nature, I wanted to give other introverts an example of something nice you can do that doesn’t require awkward conversation.



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