A Day of Serving in Tijuana

For the most part, the love actions or random acts of kindness which I perform and write about in this blog will be based in the community where I reside. My hope is that others will be encouraged by the posts they read, and that they will want to reach out to their community too! This week’s outreach however, is based on the following verse:

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” – Acts 1:8

I think the best way to apply this verse to daily modern life wherever you live is to say that we are called to witness not only to our direct community, but also to the neighborhoods around us within our same country or state, then to the countries bordering us (even if they are ones we do not get along with or are afraid of) and then of course, to the entire world!

Living in San Diego makes reaching out to a bordering country fairly simple, since Baja, Mexico is really just a hop, skip, and a jump away! I love visiting Mexico, so the whole reaching out to people you may be enemies with (such was the relationship between Judea and Samaria) doesn’t really apply, but I know plenty of people who will not go there out of fear. From personal experience, if God is calling you to go somewhere and love a group of people, He does a very good job of protecting you. Trusting God however doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do some solid research and organization. I am super blessed to be a part of a church that has already established strong relationships with another church based in Tijuana. If you aren’t familiar with another country’s language, customs, culture, laws, geography, etc. I would suggest finding a group that already does.

Last Saturday a group of us from my church headed down to Tijuana where we met up with a local church group. The junior high students from our church put together 200 bags of rice and beans to pass out. We also brought some fun kid’s activities and a lesson put together by our Sunday school teacher. We visited the El Bordo, passed out the beans and rice, walked around inviting the children to play with us, and then did the arts, crafts, and lesson with them. The trip only lasted one Saturday, but I assure you that one day can be enough to alter your perspective for a whole lifetime.

Seeing the poverty that those living right next to us reside in is heart shattering. It is exceptionally difficult to comprehend that you can turn around, drive a few hours, and be back in total comfort and luxury while your neighbors live exposed amongst garbage and sewage. Often your mind just starts to shut down, you hear a voice in your head saying that what you do is pointless, and you honestly just want to forget the things you saw because you don’t think you can make any real change. You have to rebuke and ignore those thoughts right away though! Remember, each individual person on this earth is precious, their life is worth more than you can comprehend! If you make a difference in even one person’s life than it is so, so, SO worth it! You never know how God will use something that you may think is small or not a big deal. He DOES have a perfect plan for the greater good, so even when it is hard or you don’t understand, just obey Him; love others.








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