Giving to Someone Who Needs It More

Last week was my birthday. I am super blessed to have amazing friends and family who spoil me SO MUCH! Some of the presents I received were gift cards for various stores. Since I am trying to save money at the moment, shopping is definitely not an option. But when I get gift cards, it is like wooohooo, now I have to go! Another aspect of needing to save money and not having much of it, that I have experienced, is feeling down about not being able to give as generously to various causes as I would like to. It is a hard truth that no matter how blessed you are, you will never be able to give to every single worthy cause out there, whether that be with time or money. But I do find, and one of the purposes of this page is to show, that there are always opportunities to bless others, no matter what your background or stage of life is.
So, I am using the gifts given to me to receive an even greater joy from giving to another person. Sometimes I think we feel guilty if we just give things away that have been given to us, but I see it that they are still gifts to us, we are just given the means to then go, bring joy someone else, and feel stoked about that!
Driving around San Diego, there are numerous street corners where I see people standing, normally with some sort of sign, asking for some sort of monetary assistance. First of all, as I mentioned above, I don’t really have a great deal of money at the moment. Second, I am not a huge fan of just giving people money like that. From working with the homeless, I know that a lot of people use that money to feed bad habits that got them in their current situation in the first place. I have even seen some people with signs owning up to that, saying that they want money and/or marijuana! If I feel unsure about whether or not someone will be using money given to them to further harm themselves, I think passing out food, or even just offering prayer is a great alternative.
But, it suddenly hit me the other day, as I was praying about this week’s love action, that gift cards mean selected provision, without the uncertainty that comes with just straight, hard, cash. A mother saying she needs to provide for her child will be able to go and choose clothes for them if given a Macy’s gift card. Or, she may get a new outfit that gives her the confidence to try for a job interview. I seriously don’t need to go shopping. I have way, way, way more clothes than I need. That is why instead of using my birthday gift cards for me, I am giving them away to people who I know need them more than I do.
This week, why not reflect upon what you have, and think, is there something I have that I know someone needs more? I am not saying give up everything you own, but why not choose just one thing to give up in order to show kindness to someone else? Thanks so much for reading! I hope you have a wonderful week!


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