Reach Out to Someone Who Seems Out of Reach

This week’s love action or random act of kindness all started at a concert. Often God speaks to me through visions/dreams/pictures and sometimes these are specifically for another person to bring them encouragement. While it is always a little awkward and scary at first sharing these images with others, I trust that God knows what people need and I know that obeying Him is always the best thing to do. But when I got a really moving encouragement for the leader singer of a band I was watching, I did have a sort of ummm, hmmm, how is sharing this supposed to work, God? But we do live in a time where reaching people isn’t that hard (thanks Internet) so After some Googling I composed a message to send out to this individual.

I started the letter as I imagine most fan mail starts. I talked about how I came to know the band, what I liked about them, and complimented them for a concert that was well done. I then moved on from there though, shared my relationship with Jesus, shared the picture with the lead singer, and shared a bit of the Gospel, and just finished by saying that I was really praying that the whole band would feel encouraged and loved in a genuine way. I got a message back from the band’s manager thanking me for writing to them, and telling me that he would pass the message over directly to the band. Could he be lying? Yes. Could they all just read it and laugh? Yes. But they could also read it, appreciate someone wanting to send some love their way and start really thinking about what was said. They could even read it and have an amazing encounter with Jesus instantly or later on down the line because of what God wanted to share with them. I don’t know what happened, I probably never will, but I just trust that it is God’s plan in action, it is Him moving in the lives of others, and I should just obey and serve Him whenever called.

So maybe this is totally out of your belief system. Maybe all of this seems like too much. That is ok and I respect that! But rather than just idolize get celebrities and adoring them for shallow things, why not try getting some truthful, genuine, real encouragement to them. It may seem like a long shot, but what have you got to lose really? Today we celebrate the best news ever, so for all you Christians out there I have to ask, why wouldn’t you want to share that? Thanks so much for reading! Happy, happy Easter! I hope you have a great week.


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