A Childhood Nostalgia Love Action

Remember when you were a kid and at school you seemed to always be getting rewarded for something? Gold stars aside, when it was someone else’s birthday, everyone got cupcakes. When it was a holiday, everyone got themed candy or cookies. When you finished up a section of study or passed your P.E. fitness test, there was a pizza party. A lot of times I remember people taking turns to bring weekly snack just for the sake of having snack. There was always an extra incentive and more opportunity for enjoyment.

Where I work now, everyone is really, really cool. We have such a mix of people, but the one thing that everyone seems to have in common is being totally likable. I think it is a rare blessing to say you like everyone you work with, and it should be rewarded! So I took a page from my childhood nostalgia book and did a day where I brought snack. I asked some of the girls what their favorite cookies were; one girl is gluten free, so I made some of those, another girl suggested putting pudding in the cookies, and that was a great idea! One morning before work, I woke up and made 5 different kinds of cookie to share with my co-workers. Even more awesome was that another guy I work with brought in stuff to make smoothies and milkshakes that day too. It totally was like being a kid again with everyone enjoying delicious snack altogether!

Maybe you are someone who doesn’t enjoy your work environment or the people you work with. But you never know what even a small random act of kindness might do to change and improve the atmosphere of any place or the demeanor of any person! Either way, why not bring back some of that simple enjoyment from childhood and do something nice for your co-workers this week? Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful week!



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