Redbox Surprise

Happy Belated Mother’s Day everyone! On top of putting in special effort to love on my Mum last week, I also took an idea I saw floating around the Internet to share some love with hopefully another mother too! Awhile back I saw someone post a thank you on Facebook to the stranger who left them some snack money in a Redbox DVD. What an easy, nice way to brighten someone’s day! So Friday afternoon I checked out a movie from my local Redbox, popped a card and some cash inside, and then returned it. It wasn’t a huge amount of cash, just enough to buy some treats to enjoy a movie with! Simple, quick, and in all honesty, inexpensive. I can easily make up that money just by abstaining from two fancy coffee drinks this week. This made me think of other ways you could surprisingly bless someone… A gift voucher already in a birthday card, some coffee packets for a hot drink already tucked inside a tumbler… Preempting what someone’s next step will be, and having it already provided for them. So this week, why not think of something you often enjoy, and set up the next step for someone else who might be thinking the same thing! Thanks so much for reading, I hope you have a super blessed day!




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