Serving in San Diego

It has been two months since I returned to San Diego. So much has been going on and God has blessed me with the opportunity to be involved in so many different, amazing projects! For this post, I would like to share a little bit about each one of those projects and also share what my next missions adventure will be:

Grace Point Church Women’s Ministry Internship

I was so excited and honored to be asked to intern for the Women’s Ministry at Grace Point Church as soon as I got back to San Diego. I believe that mentorship is such an important part of life, and every time I get to hang out with and learn from my mentor Rhonda I feel so blessed and grateful that someone has reached out to me and is willing to share their time and experiences to help me grow. Some of the projects I have been involved with as a part of this internship include:

Teaching: The Bible study we are currently going through is called ‘Women of the Bible.’ A few weeks ago I taught on Abigail and I will also be teaching on the Woman at the Well. This has also given me the opportunity to share more about the Inductive Bible Study method that I learned while I was in Hong Kong last year. It is so cool to be able to deeply study these amazing women in the Bible and also share a very useful skill with the amazing women at my church!

Bible Journal: Starting September 2016, Grace Point Church will spend three years going through the entire Bible. GPC is putting together their own Bible Journal that will not only be a part of the series at GPC, but will also act as a guide that anyone wanting to study and explore God’s Word more effectively can use. So much work has gone into the schedule for this three-year study as well as the content and the layout of the journal. I have been able to help with the writing of the introductory pages of the journal, some of the editing, and some of the ‘Christ Connections’ that will be featured weekly throughout the Old Testament part of our study. It has been such a fun journey watching this handy dandy notebook come together and I am so excited for our Church to get into it!

Girls Gone Wise Group

As a sort of extension from the Women’s Ministry Internship, I have also started leading a Bible study for the female High School students from GPC. We are going through a book called ‘Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild’ by Mary A. Kassain. The book compares the wild woman in Proverbs 7 with the wise woman in Proverbs 31, and looks at a number of other verses throughout scripture to describe how a girl can be wise even when the world around her is so wild. My hope for this study is that the girls can come forward and ask the tough questions which maybe they don’t normally feel like they can ask. As well as going through the book and its study guide, we are also encouraging multi-generational women’s ministry by inviting women of all different ages and stages to come and share their testimonies with the girls. You can watch the introductory teaching here:

God’s Extended Hand

On the third Tuesday of every month, GPC takes a team to God’s Extended Hand to share a message and serve a meal to those who are homeless and living on the streets in downtown San Diego. This mission and all the people involved with it are very dear to my heart. Last month I was able to share a teaching on 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 and the idea that we function best as the Body of Christ when we come together in community and unity, love each other well despite our differences, and recognize that we all have different gifts and purposes that are a necessary and important part of the Body as a whole. That teaching was so well received that this month as a sort of continuation I taught on intercession. Even when we feel like we have nothing else to offer, we can always pray for and intercede on behalf of others! We all prayed for the Syrian Refugee Crisis and then I asked for prayer requests from those at the mission and received around 75 little slips of paper asking for prayer. This community has dealt with much heartbreak, and more hope and love needs to be poured into their lives. But despite the hardships, they have so much to offer!


Skits for Vacation Bible School

Every year GPC runs a week long Vacation Bible School over the summer. This year the theme is ‘Cave Quest: Following Jesus the Light of the World.’ As well as being an awesome opportunity for kids to learn more about Jesus and grow in their faith, it is also an awesome opportunity for members of the church to volunteer their time and work together to bring something so fantastic to the community. I was asked to write and direct the skits for the 5th/6th grade group, and since I am a total geek, as soon as I heard Cave Quest I thought of Gollum from the Lord of the Rings. So I am currently working on writing four 7-10 minute Lord of the Rings themed skits that will all tie together and help teach the kids about the hope, courage, love, and power that Jesus gives us. I get so excited about using the arts for ministry, so I am looking very forward to working together with an amazing team to watch the stories come to life!

Fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

One of my dearest friends, Chelsea, was nominated to be the 2016 Woman of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Chelsea is a cancer survivor herself, and for ten weeks she poured her heart, time, and resources into fundraising as much money as possible for LLS. While I wasn’t able to help her as much as I would have liked to, I did help out a bit with her social media and lent a hand at all her many awesome fundraising events. Really I just feel so grateful that I was able to be in San Diego while she was doing this. She is a truly inspirational lady, and she reminds me that it is so important to give back, even if it means that you will feel a little stretched thin from time to time. The 14 candidates who ran for either Man, Woman, or Student of the Year ended up raising over $515,000 for cancer research in just 10 weeks. How absolutely incredible is that?


Serving the Refugees in Lesvos

Now that I have shared with you what I am currently up to, I would like to share what my next outreach trip will be. From July 30th to September 1st 2016 I will be living in Lesvos, Greece, partnering with YWAM, working with the refugees. I am currently fundraising so that I can go and help with this crisis, and if you would like to know more, please follow the below link. This link provides the who, what, when, where, and why information, as well as a way for people to donate financially. Every little bit helps and is so very appreciated! If you cannot give financially, please keep me in your prayers and continue to lift the whole Syrian Refugee Crisis up to God. There is just so much going on and aid is so very needed.

Glory to God for every amazing opportunity He provides! May He bless each one of you on each of your own journeys too. Thank you so much for continuously reading, praying, and supporting!

“And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this.” – Esther 4:14b



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