SOW Week Eight

Wow! Week eight was a big one for SOW! Our topic for the week was the Holy Spirit, and we not only learned a lot about Him, but we also saw Him move in big ways too. Something I feel very strongly about is people not forgetting about or ignoring the Holy Spirit. After all, it is the Holy Trinity, so if you are a Christian you need to acknowledge and love all three persons of our one God! Another thing I am passionate about is encouraging all believers to recognize and use the spiritual and natural gifts God has given them. We spent a day just looking at how the Holy Spirit is described in the Bible, and then the next four days we talked about spiritual warfare, speaking in tongues, prophecy, and healing. Maybe as you read this you are already starting to feel a little bit uncomfortable. I have noticed that most the time when people are a little afraid or confused about the Holy Spirit it is simply because no one has ever really taught them that much about Him! If you want to ask me any more questions about the Holy Spirit and the good gifts He gives believers, I would be more than happy to answer them to the best of my ability and to point you towards verses in the Bible that speak Truth on this subject.  On top of a great week of teaching, we also had some really lovely adventures around Switzerland this weekend. It was a great time bonding with my team in such a beautiful location, and I have included quite a few pictures in this post.

Week 8 – The Holy Spirit – Herve Guilloy

The Key: Learning more about who the Holy Spirit really is and how He wants to work through us to do amazing things in order to bring the Kingdom of Heaven down to earth!

Ten Main Points

  1. The Holy Spirit is not a tool or an experience. He is a person and He is the Helper who makes the Christian life possible and approachable!
  2. There are three ways of living. Humanism: which is when we (try to) do what we want with our own strength. Religiosity: which is when we (try to) do what we want with the power of God, or when we (try to) do the will of God with our own power. Abundant Life: which is when we do the will of God, by the power of God! Choose abundant life!
  3. The Church without the Holy Spirit is mere religiosity and we cannot be surprised when people think this kind of church is boring and do not want to be a part of it. We must be living Spirit filled lives ourselves if we want others to notice a positive difference in us and therefore desire to start coming to church with us.
  4. God loves doing extraordinary stuff with ordinary people.
  5. There are many signs that someone has been Baptized in the Holy Spirit. These signs include: knowing God closely, knowing inside that you are saved, finding it easier to pray, having a deeper sensitivity to the spiritual realm and being able to hear God’s voice, experiencing a new power to live and greater victory over sin, receiving spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit, seeing more life in the Scriptures, having more joy, being more aware of spiritual warfare, and having more courage and a deeper desire to share the Gospel and talk about Jesus.
  6. We cannot control the wind, but we can choose how we position the sails. We cannot control the Holy Spirit, but we can put ourselves in a position where we can be lead to go along with Him.
  7. One of the greatest obstacles for the Holy Spirit working in your life is unforgiveness. When we refuse to forgive others, we will be filled with the fruits of the flesh and we will experience imprisonment, confusion, and depression. When we choose to forgive others, we will be filled with the fruits of the Spirit and will experience freedom, compassion, understanding, and restoration. Choose forgiveness!
  8. God wants us to learn how to see like Him; to see the world from a Heavenly perspective, and to see other people from a Heavenly perspective. God has plans for all places and people. So, He has a plan for you too! It is not by chance you are somewhere doing something. Have a passion for and open yourself up to be used wherever you are at! If God has told you to do something, you will succeed.
  9. Whenever any gifts of the Holy Spirit are being used, our ultimate ‘goal’ should be that “Christ is with us!” would be known and declared.
  10. We cannot do life alone. There is a reason why Jesus sent out the disciples two at a time…

What I Learned About Leading Worship From Herve

“Worshipping and Working for God = Listening to the Leading of the Holy Spirit”

Herve didn’t ‘lead worship’ in the conventional, musical sort of way we think of when someone says ‘we are going to have worship now,’ but he most certainly led people to a place where they were worshipping God! Once again my weekly reading happened to match up perfectly with what we were being taught (funny how God always works that out) and Herve put into action those lessons, as well as his own. One chapter I read this week was talking about how we worship God by just living lives that are evidently lead by the power of the Holy Spirit. I would call Herve a worshipper in all he does because his whole personality just simply displays the fruits of the Holy Spirit! He was gentle, kind, and joyful, and also extremely humble. He has witnessed incredible things through his prophetic ministry, performed miracles, lead so many people to Christ, and has even shared words from God with powerful political leaders! And yet when anyone asks him about it he simply says “I am just me, it is God who does this!’

Herve also lead us to a place of worship by not only exercising the spiritual gifts that the Holy Spirit has given him, but by also encouraging us to discover and share the spiritual gifts the Holy Spirit has given us. Many times the Holy Spirit and His work is either just ignored, because people think He is too confusing and hard for our natural brains to comprehend, OR, He is treated simply as an experience and people are suddenly doing things without really know why or how. Herve used multiple Bible verses to explain every point that he made about the Holy Spirit, and then he also gave us practical steps about using any of the spiritual gifts. He then lead us through times of doing those practical steps as he provided guidance to make sure we were really seeking God’s will and using the gifts to love others well. By the end of Herve’s teaching, we all had a greater sense of awe about who God is and how He works, and a deeper appreciation and understanding for how He wants to use us to bring Him glory! Herve deepened our desire to worship God, and also encouraged many different Holy Spirit lead ways for us to do this.

All the glory to God for yet another amazing opportunity to learn, grow, and serve! May He bless each one of you on each of your own journeys too! To end this post I will share the verse that we memorized this week:

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.” – James 1:17