Week Three and Week Four

It has been two weeks since my last post, and yet it feels like it has been two months! I finally feel like I am finding my stride here in Hong Kong, I feel more settled and connected, and am thoroughly enjoying all the wonderful things God is sharing with me during this time. In the past two weeks I have read out loud Leviticus, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1&2 Samuel, and 1&2 Thessalonians, inductively studied Ephesians and Deuteronomy, had my first time doing Campus Ministry, lead group intercession for the first time in my life, hiked out to a beautiful waterfall, got lost multiple times, cooked a Kiwi dinner for my base family, learned so, so much, bonded with awesome people, and just got my mind blown over and over again by how good God is. And all the people shall say, “Amen!”

I know I said last week that I would explain what inductively studying the Bible means. I don’t have much spare time these days, but I feel like if you check out this upload you will better understand.

2015-10-17 20.55.04

Basically, to inductively study the Bible is to really observe what the text actually says. Then, after doing an extensive amount of textual observations, and some further research, you begin to interpret what you have observed. But, you interpret it by asking “what did this mean to the author and the original readers.” Once you have made your observations and interpretations, and you really understand the context, themes, and background of the text to those who it was originally written to, you can you start applying the scripture to your own life and modern day society. Every week we have a number of different assignments that are suited specifically to each different book. Certain parts will always stay the same though, such as color coordinating each book of the Bible to highlight certain observations. We also divide the Bible into paragraphs, segments, and sections, and then title every divide we make, compile lists, put together extensive charts, and write essays.

I absolutely loved both Ephesians and Deuteronomy. Ephesians beautifully, concisely, and accurately shares what being a Christian means, and then it goes on to share what walking with Jesus actually looks like. The amount of literary devices used to help guide the young church in Ephesus to really understand what Jesus had done and why walking in that freedom is so important is spectacular. I learned a lot about ancient Roman civilization, and got more of an idea of what Paul would have been specifically referring to in certain parts. But I also found myself feeling so amazed at how clearly the messages still speak to us two thousand years later as well. Deuteronomy really blew my mind. If I am being honest, previously, when I read the Old Testament, it was a real struggle to actually read all of it and convince myself that reading things like the laws and genealogies really mattered. Now that I actually understand Deuteronomy though, it is like a key to the Old Testament has been handed to me and now everything makes so much more sense and is so much more interesting. It is really eye opening and exciting. Please, if you want to know more about certain books, take note of what you want to know, and I will gladly share what I learned extensively the next time our paths cross.

Things are really busy here. There is so much going on, and I really want to savor every moment of it. Please forgive me if the updates are brief, or if they do not come often. Regardless of how little time I have, I still think about everyone back home and all around the world often, and I am always praying for you all. I could use prayer for energy, focus, good time managements, and humility. As I get more comfortable here and get back into an academic setting where I so strongly have a desire to succeed, it is easy for me to become prideful and forget that it is God who deserves all the glory. I highly doubt I would have settled in so well, in such good time, had it not been for everyone praying for me. Thank you again so much for all those prayers and all your support.


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